Shrapnil Knives (knives from bomb fragments)

Nurses in WWI often aided GI's that had some sort of Shrapnil removed from their body. The soldiers would sometimes thank their caregivers by taking these pieces of bomb fragments and decorate them by hammering small punch and chisel marks in the piece creating a beautiful stiple effect, and often have them plated. Some of these shrapnil fragments had many hours of blood and sweat poured into them (literally speaking).

The ones pictured below are from Lille France produced around 1918. Notice the lion standing on top of the eagle. This was symbolism for France (Lion) and our Allied forces defeating Germany (Eagle). The Allied Powers, led by France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, and later the United States, defeated the Central Powers, led by Austria-Hungary, the German Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. Lille was liberated by the British on October 17th, 1918.

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