Transponder Chips In Randall Knives

Randall Mini #25 Along with the special "M" stamp, and the serial numbers etched on the blades of the Mini series of Randall Made Knives, most of the miniature knives can be positively authenticated by the coded transponder chips that are now being inserted into the handles during construction. The encoded serial number on the chip matches the etched number on the blade. This coded transponder chip (not visible) can be used to help authenticate the knife. Randall Made Knives has several transponder reader machines that they use to check the authenticity of most of the Mini series knives. According to Rhett Stidham of the Randall Knife Society, there have been several counterfeit miniature model 25's (Right) on the collector market.

So far Randall Made Knives has produced a Randall Mini Model #1, #3, #5, #14, #18, #25, and the Miniature Drop Point Hunter (for the Randall Knife Society [RKS5]). Due to the full-length tang, transponder chips are NOT inserted into the Randall Mini #14, chips will not be inserted into the RKS #5 (Randall Mini Drop Point Hunter) for the same reason.

Randall Mini #3
Randall Miniature 3

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