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Queen Knife Company has made knives for many knife companies as well as many hardware stores including the Case Classics (for BlueGrass Cutlery & Parker Knives) and the Winchester reproductions. This tradition is known as "Contract cutlery," and goes all the way back to the Schatt & Morgan days.

A little history lesson:
The Schatt-Morgan Knife Company was formed in 1890 in Gowanda, New York, and moved to Titusville, PA in 1895 and soon thereafter grew to be the largest knife maker in the U.S. The firm continued at that location until it filed for bankruptcy in 1930. Queen Cutlery was founded in 1918, however, it did not become an official entity until 1922 - the Queen City Cutlery Company. In 1932, Queen purchased the assets of Schatt-Morgan and moved in. The companys current operations are still at that location. Robeson cutlery, founded in 1879 was purchased by the Ontario Knife Company, the sister company of Queen Cutlery, in 1971. All Queen products are made at the Titusville factory. Most other functions -- sales, customer service, accounting, etc. -- are located at the Ontario Knife Factory in Franklinville, NY, about two hours away.

Queen Cutlery's pocket knives have won awards from Blade Magazine, The American Blade Collectors Association and the National Knife Collectors Association.

A few companies that Queen has made knives for:
NOTE: This does not mean that the entire line of a company's knives were/are made by Queen - ie. Queen was/is not the sole manufacturer. For example, Parker now has the Bulldog Brand Knives made in Germany, but there were three patterns made in the U.S. by Queen.

  • Schatt & Morgan (In-house brand)
  • Robeson (In-house brand)
  • Old Hickory (In-house brand, 1970's)
  • Bluegrass Cutlery
  • Case Classics
  • Winchester Reproductions
  • Moore Maker (established 1985. Matador, Texas)
  • Marbles (Marbles Safety Axe Co.)
  • NorthWoods (Marbles)
  • Scagel (Marbles)
  • John Primble
  • Bowie Corp.
  • Chris Tenney - Tenney Trading Co.
  • A.G. Russell
  • Cripple Creek (Blackjack)
  • Family Tree Series For Parker - Kinfolks, Platts, Standard Knife Company, Crandall
  • Bulldog Brand
  • Bowen Knife Co (1970's-1980's)
  • Bob White Cutlery (1970's)
  • Sargent/Sarco
  • Voyles Cutlery (1970's)
  • Kabar
  • Swanner Cutlery - Fairfield, Ohio
  • Sampson
  • Canal Street Cutlery, Ellenville, NY.

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