Terry Renner becomes Puma Brand Knives U.S. factory authorized restoration craftsman
For Immediate Release: October 30, 2009

Terry Renner, award winning knifemaker becomes Puma Brand Knives U.S. factory authorized restoration craftsman.

Congratulations to Terry Renner of TRBlades.com for becoming the factory-authorized restoration craftsman approved to work on Puma brand knives for the United States Terry is an award winning custom knifemaker who is celebrating the success of licensing his Neckolas Knife line thru Columbia River Knife & Tool Company (CRKT).

Mr. Renner specializes in one of a kind, high end, art knives, but has recently added a custom line of tactical knives that have been very popular with soldiers in Afghanistan. Terry has also been perfecting his Japanese clay tempering skills with his differentially heat treated line of handmade bowie knives.

Terry is the current Vice President of The Florida Knifemakers' Association, as well as an active member of the Sarasota (Florida) Knife Collectors Club. Terry makes fixed blade knives, exotic slip-joint folding pocket knives, and kitchen cutlery.

Contact information:
Terry Renner
Custom Knifemaker, Authorized Puma knife restoration artisan.
Palmetto, FL. USA
(941) 545-6320

2009 - Sarasota Knife Collectors Club

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