Sheffield England Exposition Knives

The "Century Knife" AKA Millennium Sheffield Year Knife was made by Joseph Rogers & Sons of Sheffield, England in 1821. The exhibition knife was created in the shape of the firms logo, a Maltese Cross. It started out with 1821 blades, with a new blade added to the knife every year till the year 2000. The knife is made of solid silver and measures 32" high. The knife is now owned by Stanley Tools and is currently in Sheffield England.

The Norfolk Exhibition Knife (below) was also made by Joseph Rogers & Sons. It was made in 1850 to surpass the efforts of the Century Knife. It was displayed in the cutlers hall at "The Great Exhibition" in the Crystal Palace (bottom) in 1851. It took two Sheffield Cutlers over two years to create. It has manila pearl hand carved scales and stands 30" tall and has 74 blades opening from both the front and the back of the knife. It was auctioned at Sotheby's in 1969 and is now on permanent loan at the Cutler's Hall in Sheffield England.

2008 - Sarasota Knife Collectors Club

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