The Logan/Smyth Knife Company - Venice Florida - 1980's

The MC-1 Survival Knife was officially adopted by the USAF in 1958 and has been in use by other armed services as well since then.

The Logan/Smyth Knife Company in Venice, Florida was the third company to make the knife and supply it to the U.S. Government. The knife was made from early 1987 to early 1988. The knife had a 3 1/8" clip point blade marked "LOGAN/SMYTH/VENICE, FL./ U. S. A." with an additional unmarked shroud line hook cutting blade. Bright orange plastic handles and a staple for a lanyard complete the knife. Overall length was 7 1/4".

Schrade made the first production run followed by Camillus.

The hook and snap blade knife is used in emergency survival conditions. The snap blade is actuated by a release button and held in place with a slide lock, the hook blade is for quick cutting of parachute suspension lines. This is the military's current issue paratrooper jump knife.

The Logan/Smyth knife was operated by a leaf spring. The new MC-1 survival knife is operated by a coil spring.

The knife is now made by the COLONIAL KNIFE Company. Model# M724BK with DOW ISOPLAST Special Ops Black handles, also available in Day Glow Orange handles.

Issued to U.S. Military pilots and rescue personnel, and currently carried by special units of the British SAS

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