The Lloyd Hale Knife Collection at The Frazier Museum

Lloyd Hale dissappeared from the knife making scene in the early 1980's only to reappear 20 years later. Lloyd was tucked away in his work shop working for his patron, Owsley Brown Frazier for all that time. Hale created over 300 knives, daggers and swords for Mr. Frazier, who just happens to be one of the country's premier gun and arms collectors. When Mr. Frazier retired he started an Arms museum, The Frazier Arms & International History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. The museum was completed in 2004 at a cost of over 30 million dollars. It is a 100,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art museum encompassing three floors.

The Frazier Museum brings together two world-class collections:

  • Britainís Royal Armouries, including the Arms of the Tower of London; and
  • The Frazier Museumís Permanent Collection, including the Lloyd Hale collection

This is just a small portion of the Lloyd Hale Knife collection displayed in the museum.

* Pictures supplied courtesy of Lloyd Hale.
* Knife photos by Coop.

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