Gerber Mark I Knife Dating System

Gerber Mk I Knife Information:

Accurate records on MK I serial numbers relating to dates were never kept (like they were with the MK II), but here is some information that will help with an aproximate date for any Gerber MK I knife.
The Gerber Mark I was in production from 1976 to 1997.

1976 1981 blade composition was comprised of Special Alloy (L6) Tool Steel

1976 1980 blade length was 5

1981 1997 blade composition was comprised of High Carbon Surgical Stainless Steel

1981 1997 blade length was 4

The knife was roughly 9 in overall length

Rockwell hardness of 58

In 1984 a blackened blade variety was offered in the Mark I (Model# 5604).

Knives that have an "XX" in the serial number or a "CS" are reproduction and commemorative knives. They are true Gerber products but the values should be adjusted accordingly as they were not made in the same years as knives without the CS's or XX's in the serial numbers. There is an "S" in the serial numbers of the stainless models. CS stands for "Cutlery Shoppe". 1989 was the First year of the Cutlery Shoppe knives.

Editors note: after a little research, here are my findings on getting rough dates from serial numbers.
I have seen (1984) black blade Gerber MK I's with serial numbers from P52xxS to S49xxS. Where the xx can be any number.

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* This page is by no means the "definative" Gerber Knife Dating system, just a place to start dating your knife, and should not be used as such, nor do we claim to be an expert in dating Gerber Knives.

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