A few Celebrities & Rock Stars who collect knives

Chet Atkins (Country Music Star)
Doug Atkins (NFL Hall of Famer)
Shelly Berman (Actor/comedian)
David Crosby (Rock star)
Bo Derek (Actress)
Hugh Downs (TV News personality)
Tim Duncan (NBA Star)
Peter Fonda (Actor)
Walt Garrison (NFL Star)
Billy Gibbons (Rock Star - ZZ Top)
William Lee Golden (Country Music Star - Oak Ridge Boys)
Judge Lance Ito (Judge in the O.J. case)
Angelina Jolie (Actress)
Willie Nelson (Country music star)
Ted Nugent (Rock star)
Joe Perry (Rock star - Aerosmith)
Richard Petty (NASCAR legend)
Elvis Presley (Pop star)
Keith Richards (Rock Star - Rolling Stones)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor/governor)
Norman Schwarzkopf (General, U.S. Army, retired)
Steven Segal (Actor)
Artie Shaw (Band Leader)
Blake Shelton (Country music star - Oak Ridge Boys)
Sylvester Stallone (Actor)
James Taylor (Pop Star)
Randy Travis (Country music star)
Steven Tyler (Rock star - Aerosmith)
Stevie Ray Vaughan (Rock Star)
Jesse Ventura (Ex-wrestler/ex-governor)
Chuck Yeager (Astronaut/test pilot)
Noah Wylie (Actor)

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