CRKT Counterfeit Knives. Cheap copies of actual CRKT designs

From the CRKT website:

Many CRKT knives are now being counterfeited by unknown companies which we believe to be in China. Many of these knives are sold on web sites at ridiculously low prices, although we have also found blatant knock-offs being retailed in Iraq and other countries. The counterfeiting is taking two forms.

Cheap copies of actual CRKT designs.

Some rip-off artists are making cheap copies of popular CRKT designs. These copies look similar to our products, but are usually shoddily made using inferior steels, coatings and handle materials. They illegally feature the CRKT logo and markings.

When viewed on a low-resolution web site image, these knives canít be distinguished from the real thing. However, when handled and compared to a real CRKT knife, their lack of quality, poor assembly, and inferior folding and locking action is obvious

Unrelated designs with the CRKT logo.

A visit to the Chinese eBay web site will reveal an array of strange and inferior knife designs which have never been produced by CRKT, but which display the CRKT logo prominently.

This is a violation of international trademark law.

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