Buy a Soldier a Knife

Our soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere in the world need knives! A knife can be used for simple utility functions as opening containers, cutting rope or wire or even digging a hole - but more importantly, a good utility knife can also be used to save lives.

What most Americans don’t know is that some of our soldiers aren’t issued pocket utility knives as part of their standard equipment and it is very difficult to get these knives once a soldier is in Afghanistan or Iraq. Many of our solders are at or below the national poverty line.

The S.W. Florida Knife Collectors Club is working to place these type of knives in the hands of local (S.W. Florida) soldiers before they head overseas. A good pocket utility knife can be purchased for $45 to $100. Our soldiers are all volunteers and it’s our turn to volunteer by providing them with the useful cutting tools they need. Anyone wishing to donate money for the purchase of a knife to be given to a soldier can contact the S.W. Florida Knife Collectors Club - .

“By the Pentagon's own estimate, thousands of military families live in poverty. Despite recent salary increases, many enlisted men and women say they can't afford food and other basic needs.”

“Soldiers can carry their own personal knives. Some view them as essential.

“We carry knives, flashlights, and Camelbaks full of water. We call this our "kit. Soldiers put all kinds of other things on their kit. Infra-red strobes, flex-cuffs, compasses, and another knife (in addition to the one clipped to our belt or pocket)”
Source: Lt. Col. Stephen E. Spelman - Wednesday, March 2, 2005. Lt. Col. Stephen E. Spelman, 48, is an assistant district attorney in Hampden County who is serving with the U.S. Army Special Forces near Baghdad, Iraq. He is sharing with readers of The Massachusetts Republican his perspective of the experiences of servicemen and women in Iraq.

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