Boker Tree Brand Great American Story Knives (History)

Boker created and released the Great American Story Knives right around the American Bicentennial (1976). In all, 24 different knife models were produced. The dates of manufacture were as follows: The Series I knives were made and released from May 1974 to July 1976. The Series II knives were produced and released August 1976 to June 1978. The knives are a variety of two and three bladed folders with carbon steel blades and oversized shields set in the handles. The handles range from Delrin to Bone to Stag, and the Sheilds and Bolsters are usually Silver in color. The Sheilds are stamped with a scene and usually a small amount of writing. The knives came new with boxes and Certificates of Authenticity. The big knife blade was usually stamped with the model number such as 1776 for The Golden Spike large Stockman knife.

The current (2004) average values are in the neighborhood of $20.00 - $35.00 each.

Below, you will find a table containing information on the release dates, model numbers and printing on the blades, the printing (or picture) on the sheilds, and the knife patterns.

Great American Story Knives


Date Released




Early May 1974

1770 – Sweet Land of Liberty

Pilgrim/Map “Thirteen Colonies

Large stock knife

Mid July 1974

1771 – One Out of Many

American Eagle “July 4, 1776

Large stock knife

Late Sept. 1974

1772 – Manifest Destiny

Spanish Mission “The Alamo

Texas jack knife

Early Dec. 1974

1773 – Westward Ho!

Conestoga Wagon “Prairie Schooner”

Large equal end jack knife

Mid Feb. 1975

1774 – The Melting Pot

Statue of Liberty “Statue of Liberty”

Large stock knife

Late April 1975

1775 – Dixie

Confederate Soldier “Johnny Reb

Large congress knife

Early July 1975

1776 – On to the Last Frontier

Head-on Locomotives “The Golden Spike”

Large stock knife

Mid Sept. 1975

1777 – Old Wild West

Two: Cowboy & Indian “Buffalo Bill & Sitting Bull”

Large trapper’s knife

Late Nov. 1975

1778 – Rise to World Power

Sinking Battleship “Remember the Maine”

Large swell end jack knife

Early Feb. 1976

1779 – War to End All War

Bi-Plane “Lafayette Escadrille

Large serpentine jack knife

Mid April 1976

1780 – Dawn of the Atomic Age

Atom “16 July, 1945 – Alamagordo

Large stock knife

July 4, 1976

1781 – 200 Years of Freedom

American Flag “July 4, 1976

Large stock knife

Great American Story Knives


Date Released




End Aug. 1976

1782 – Birth of Southern Industry

Cotton Gin “Cotton Gin”

Congress knife

End Oct. 1976

1783 – Westward Expansion

Map of Louisiana Purchase “Louisiana Purchase”

Trapper’s knife

End Dec. 1976

1784 – Blazing the Trail

Lewis & Clark “Lewis & Clark”

Premium stock

End Feb. 1977

1785 – American Proclamation

Monroe Doctrine Scroll “Monroe Doctrine”

Texas jack

End April 1977

1786 – California Gold Rush

Panning for Gold at Sutters Mill Sutters Mill”

Premium stock

End June 1977

1787 – Bridging the Continent

Stage Coach “Stage Coach”

Premium stock

Mid Sept. 1977

1788 – Modern Fuel

Oil Derrick “Black Gold”

Jack knife

Early Nov. 1977

1789 – Continental Mail Service

Pony Express Rider “Pony Express”

Congress knife

End Dec. 1977

1790 – Modern Energy

First Hydro Electric Plant “Hydro Electricity”


Mid Feb. 1978

1791 – On to Oklahoma

Homesteaders “The Sooners

Dogleg jack

Mid April 1978

1792 – Revolution in Transportation

Henry Ford’s Quadrocycle “Horseless Carriage”

Premium stock

Mid June 1978

1793 – 200 Million Americans

Map of Continental USA “One Nation”

Premium stock

Below are examples of Boker's Great American Story Knives.

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