Photos from the 2005 Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia

A small portion of the show

Another small portion

A. G. Russell display

Emerson Knives display

Charles Ochs (Ox Forge)

Camillus Knives display

Spyderco Knives display

John Fitch inspecting a knife

Jerry Busse - Busse Combat Knives

Busse Knife display

Kevin & Heather Harvey (S. Africa)

Atwood Knife & Tool team

Reggie Barker

A few Randall Knives

Original Wm. Scagel Knife

Jim Faltz - The Knife Shack

Reggie Barker's Trophy

W.W. (Bud) Cronk Subhilt Knife

Rik Palm's Tomahawk

Mike Yurco's Knives

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